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Marine Ecosystem Services

CCE research uncovered how long-term climate changes markedly affect the California Current System, among the world's most economically important ocean regions. Fish habitat and other important ecosystem services are affected by reduced oxygen levels, warmer surface waters, diminished zooplankton populations, and decreased water transparency.

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Mark Ohman, Ralf Goericke - Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Steven Bograd -- Environmental Research Division, Southwest Fisheries Science Center, Pacific Grove, California
Pacific sardines play an important role in the California Current Ecosystem and are a commercially harvested resource in the CCE-LTER region.
Photo copyright ©1994 Monterey Bay Aquarium/Rick Browne
Long-term shoaling of the depth (m) of the hypoxic boundary surface (dissolved O2 =60 ?mol/kg) on the CalCOFI survey grid over the period 1984-2006. Stations with significant linear regressions (p < 0.05) are marked black. CalCOFI/CCE-LTER site.
Bograd et al. (2008)



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