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Coweeta Snowed

This story might well have been reported anywhere from Atlanta to Bangor IN 2014. When they gave out wintery-mix awards it was Atlanta that merited the Black Ice Trophy.

We must do something about this GLOBAL WARMING! A record 643 mm of GLOBAL WARMING is a bit excessive. We had so much WARMING that we did not need electric power from 01:50 Saturday morning until 17:45 Tuesday. Some communities waited until the next Sunday for power. The WARMING killed our tropical fish and our confused dog wandered off looking for a patch of grass and has not returned, presumably dead in a drift of GLOBAL WARMING. Air temperatures during the GLOBAL WARMING event reached -18C and several cattle barons have hired back-hoes to bury animals killed by the heat-wave. As predicted by the scare-press, forests were decimated by the GLOBAL WARMING, mainly by the weight of the WARMTH in pine crowns followed by high winds. Fodder for the biomass folks.

Image: William Brawley, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)



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