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Bogorad Syndrome

In my blog on terminal velocity of cloud and raindrops I reported that these hydrometeors as spherical in shape and not tear drop shapes. Teardrop morphology might arise if the drop were a drip off solid perch.

Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London, and Justin Timberlake. Each released a version of “Cry me a river”. How great 1.5 microliters of tear fluid per minute. That is not a river but is about the same as the urine you produce per day. While I have you there are three fluid layers on you eyeball. The outer most is the layer thickest 75% is a dilute solution of mucin produced by Goblet Cells. The middle layer (24/%) is the lachrymal fluid. There is a thin oil layer on top that retards evaporation (1%).

Some people can produce copious tears at the drop of a hat. Such weeping at will is often referred to as crying crocodile tears: concluded are fake crying, insincere show of sorrow and, a hypocritical show of emotion. These insincere bouts of weeping should not be mistaken for weeping a medical basis. Crocodiles weep when they dine on there prey. Such a linkage between eating and weeping in people is called the Bogorad Syndrome, which is a consequence or complication of a failed treatment of Ball’s palsy.

Photo: "Tambako The Jaguar", Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0)



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