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Forests that Govern

The critical role that forests play in providing stable flows of pure water was demonstrated in pioneering research at Hubbard Brook. Long-term studies by HBR scientists have clarified the mechanisms underlying these and other forest ecosystem services thereby providing the basis for projecting the social benefits from environmental policies.

Bormann, F.H., G.E. Likens, D.W. Fisher and R.S. Pierce. 1968. Nutrient loss accelerated by clear-cutting of a forest ecosystem. Science 159:882-884.
Dr. Tim Fahey
The v-notch weir is used to quantify the hydrologic and biogeochemical mass-balance of small watersheds and responses to whole-ecosystem experimental manipulations.
Hubbard Brook website
A classic experiment at HBR involved the deforestation (shaded) of watershed 2 (dashed line) which resulted in striking increases in the flux of key nutrients in comparison with the reference watershed 6.
Bormann et al. 1968 (see above).



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