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Soil Microbes and Agriculture

KBS LTER scientists found that soil microbial diversity is not much affected by land management, except for those groups of microbes involved in specific metabolic processes such as the production and consumption of the important greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide. This introduces an interesting potential for managing soil microbial diversity to provide specific ecosystem services such as greenhouse gas mitigation in agriculture.

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Dr. Tom Schmidt
KBS 89, a bacterial strain from the phylum Acidobacteria that was isolated from KBS LTER soils. Acidobacteria are one of the most abundant groups of bacteria in soils from agricultural and forested sites.
Michigan State University Center for Advanced Microscopy
The rate of methane consumption by soils at the KBS LTER is related to the diversity of methane oxidizing bacteria present. Methane consumption is lowest in sites managed for row-crop agriculture (red triangles), and increases in early successional sites (brown squares), managed grasslands (blue diamonds), and both successional (orange triangles) and deciduous forests (green circles).
Levine, Teal, Robertson and Schmidt (2011) ISME Journal.



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