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Climate variability and change

Climate is a critical driver of grassland structure and function. Grasslands occur in areas that are prone to occasional drought and are characterized by highly variable patterns of rainfall, both between (inter-annually) and within (intra-annually) years. North American grasslands were formed by climate changes originating during the Miocene-Pliocene transition, and their present day distributions depend on regional temperature and precipitation gradients, as well as periodic extremes (e.g., droughts).

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Dr. John Blair
Rainfall Manipulation Plots (RaMPs) experiment: Konza Prairie LTER scientists are addressing the consequences of climate change using a unique experimental facility (the Rainfall Manipulation Plots, RaMPs) that allows them altered rainfall patterns and increase temperatures over replicated plots of native tallgrass prairie. Understanding the interactive effects of more extreme rainfall patterns and warmer temperatures will be critical for the sustainability of grassland resources and ecosystem services under future climates. 7/2005.
John Blair



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