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About Dry Deposition

At Pingree Park Campus

David Greenland, Andrews LTER and former-Niwoter and chair of the LTER Climate Committee notes that dust, recorded at some LTER sites as dry deposition, is important in nutrient cycling, soil and water geochemistry.

At the NWT site, M.I. Litaor [1986. The influence of aeolian dust on the buffering capacity of alpine soils in the Front Range, Colorado. In Pielke, R.A. (ed) Proceedings of Symposium on Acid Deposition in Colorado. Colo. State Univ. Pingree Park Campus. Aug 13-15, 1986. Fort Collins, Colo,. Cooperative Institute for Atmospheric Sciences. P13-20 showed how alkaline dusts blowing onto the acidic parent material of the Niwot Alpine Tundra could potentially neutralize also potential increases in acid precipitation.

At Hubbard Brook, dry deposition of Ca++ and Mg++ has declined in recent years. Declines like this have been attributed to reduction in industrial production and paving the dirt roads of America.

There was a time in America when getting the farmer "out of the mud" was electioneering magic!

In my part of Virginia, no-till agriculture is popular. Kill and plant! Keep those agricultural rooster tails in check.

What happens when soil aerosols are once again in their proper place in the soils? Is the recovery form sulfates and nitrates in the air and rainwater to a pristine America more complex because of the shortage of base cations that we helped get into the air and "flux" from ecosystem to ecosystem?



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