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Changes in Ice and Heat

PAL scientists have documented a remarkable decrease in the length of the sea ice season by up to 3 months and an exponential increase in ocean heat content of waters being delivered to western Antarctica via the Circumpolar Current

Papers presenting the above information regarding the increased ocean heat content are currently in preparation.
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Dr. Douglas G. Martinson
Dr. Sharon E. Stammerjohn
Map of Antarctic sea ice duration trends, showing also yearly changes in PAL LTER ice season duration (inset).
Updated figures based on Stammerjohn et al (2011, DSRII, 58, pp. 999-1018) and Ducklow et al (Royal Society chapter.)
Graph of 8 independent studies showing increase in global deep ocean heat content (State of the Planet, 2008). Red solid squares show increased heat content of UCDW an area extending from WAP to offshore of where WAIS ice stream enter sea.
Figure recently constructed for publication in Webb and Martinson, in Nature Geoscience on alarming ocean warming in the western Antarctic.



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