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SEV scientists discovered a relationship between atmospheric CO2 concentrations and the carbon isotope content of soil carbonates, a key proxy for estimating past atmospheric CO2 concentrations. The work showed that greenhouse climates in the geologic past had CO2 concentrations similar to those predicted to occur in A.D. 2100.

Breecker, D.O., Z.D. Sharp and L.D. McFadden. 2010. Atmospheric CO2 concentrations during ancient greenhouse climates were similar to those predicted for A.D. 2100. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 107(2):576-580. doi: 10.1073/pnas.0902323106.
Dr. Dan Breecker
Typical vegetation in the West Mesa Pinyon Juniper habitat. Photo taken June 3, 2009.
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Estimates of atmospheric CO2 concentrations over the last 400 million years obtained from A) past analyses of carbon isotope composition of soil carbonates and B) from a re-analysis based on new information about the prevailing soil conditions during carbonate formation
Modified from Breecker et al. 2010



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