The LTER Network includes over 2000 investigators. Please use the search boxes below to access contact information by name (partial names are OK), LTER site affiliation, user role, or committee.

Name Email Site Role
Bain, Daniel BES na
Baker, Matthew BES na
Belt, Kenneth BES Hydrologist/Aquatic Ecologist
Bettez, Neil BES na
Borowy, Dorothy BES na
Cadenasso, Mary BES na
Caplan, Bess BES Program Leader of Ecology Education
Dalton, Shawn BES Co-Principal Investigator
Delaney, Katie BES na
Dow, Kirstin BES
Duncan, Jonathan BES na
Elliott, Emily BES Assistant Professor
Galbraith, Shannon BES na
Grove, Morgan BES Research Forester
Hom, John BES Deputy Program Manager
Hopkins, Kristina BES na
Johnson, Anna BES na
Johnson, Lea BES na
Kaushal, Sujay BES na
kingsley, kathy BES
Locke, Dexter BES na
McConaghie, James BES na
Michaud, Molly BES na
Nilon, Charles BES na
Nowak, David BES Project Leader / Research Forester
Pickett, Steward BES Senior Scientist / Baltimore Ecosystem S
Porter, Abby BES Graduate Student
Quintaniay, Holifield BES na
Raciti, Steve BES na
Rega, Christine BES na
Romolini, Michele BES na
Rosi, Emma BES Lead Principal Investigator
Rosi, Emma BES Lead Principal Investigator
Rupp, Valerie BES Program Director, Parks & People Foundation
Sonti, Nancy BES na
Studds, Colin BES na
Swan, Chris BES na
Szlavecz, Katalin BES Research Associate Professor
Troy, Austin BES na
Voigt, Brian BES na
Walsh, Jonathan BES Information Manager
Welty, Claire BES Director, Center for Urban Environmental Research & Education (CUERE)
Westphal, Lynne BES
Yesilonis, Ian BES Soil Scientist