The LTER Network includes over 2000 investigators. Please use the search boxes below to access contact information by name (partial names are OK), LTER site affiliation, user role, or committee.

Name Email Site Role
Anderson, Jon CDR Other Staff
Asmus, Ashley CDR Postdoctoral Associate
Bahauddin, Dan CDR Information Manager
Barrott, Susan CDR Information Manager
Cavender-Bares, Jeannine CDR Investigator
Furey, George CDR Graduate Student
Gill, Allison CDR Postdoctoral Associate
Henning, Jeremiah CDR Postdoctoral Associate
Hobbie, Sarah CDR Lead Principal Investigator
Isbell, Forest CDR Investigator
Iyengar, Siddharth CDR Graduate Student
Kimmel, Kaitlin CDR Graduate Student
Kinkel, Linda CDR Investigator
Knops, Johannes CDR Investigator
Kohli, Mayank CDR Graduate Student
Kothari, Shan CDR Graduate Student
Krueger, Jim CDR Other Staff
Lee, Tali D CDR Investigator
Mielke, Troy CDR Other Professional
Montgomery, Rebecca CDR Investigator
Oberhauser, Karen CDR Interested Party
Pastore, Melissa CDR Graduate Student
Portales-Reyes, Cristy CDR Graduate Student
Portales-Reyes, Cristy CDR Graduate Student
Potter, Caitlin CDR Education Manager
Reich, Peter CDR Co-Principal Investigator
Seabloom, Eric CDR Lead Principal Investigator
See, Craig CDR Graduate Student
Tilman, David CDR Investigator
Walters, Chris CDR Lead Principal Investigator
Worm, Kally CDR Other Professional
Wragg, Peter CDR
Yang, Yi CDR Graduate Student