The LTER Network includes over 2000 investigators. Please use the search boxes below to access contact information by name (partial names are OK), LTER site affiliation, user role, or committee.

Name Email Site Role
Aguilera, Rosana SBC
Alberto, Filipe SBC
Allen, James SBC
Allen, Jon SBC
Amiri, Sarah SBC
Anderson, Clarissa SBC
Anghera, Michelle SBC
Anghera, Mike SBC
Arkema, Katie SBC
Bachhuber, Silke SBC
Barba, Evan SBC
Barron, Rebecca SBC
Bassin, Corinne SBC
Behrens, Mike SBC
Beighley, Ed SBC
Bell, Thomas SBC
Bell, Thomas SBC
Ben-Chorin, Gillie SBC
Benitez-Nelson, Claudia SBC
Benitez-Nelson, Claudia SBC
Bentz, Michael SBC
Beresford, Laura SBC
Berry, Heather SBC
Bookhagen, Bodo SBC
Broitman, Bernardo SBC
Brzezinski, Mark SBC
Buenau, Kate SBC
Burkepile, Deron SBC
Busse, Lilian SBC
Caldow, Chris SBC
Canestro, Don SBC
Cano, Aubrey SBC
Cardinale, Bradley SBC
Carlson, Craig SBC
Carney, Laura SBC
Caselle, Jennifer SBC
Castorani, Max SBC
Catlett, Dylan SBC
Cavanaugh, Kyle SBC
Chavez, Erica SBC
Chen, Helen (Ying-Jung) SBC
Chen, Mingquan SBC
Chen, Xiaoli SBC
Clarke, Keith SBC
Clinton, William SBC
Coombs, Scott SBC
Cooper, Scott SBC
Cortes, Alicia SBC
Cudaback, Cynthia SBC
D'Antonio, Carla SBC

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