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Name Email Site Role
Anderson, John JRN Other Professional
Archer, Steven JRN Investigator
Barba, Mauricio JRN Graduate Student
Baughman, Lisa JRN Graduate Student
Belnap, Jayne JRN Other Professional
Bestelmeyer, Brandon JRN Co-Principal Investigator
Bestelmeyer, Stephanie JRN Investigator
Boucheron, Laura JRN Other Professional
Brown, Joel JRN Other Professional
Browning, Dawn JRN Other Professional
Brungard, Colby JRN Investigator
Buerdsell, Sherri JRN Graduate Student
Burruss, Dylan JRN Other Professional
Chepsongol, Roxanne JRN Other Staff
Ciblis, Andres JRN Other Professional
Cort, Catherine JRN Graduate Student
Crain, Grace JRN Graduate Student
Currier, Courtney JRN Graduate Student
Dintwe, Kebonye JRN Graduate Student
Dominguez, Andrew JRN Graduate Student
Elias, Emile JRN Other Professional
Escoto, Eric JRN Graduate Student
Estell, Rick JRN Other Professional
Fischella, Mike JRN Graduate Student
Flores, Alejandra JRN Graduate Student
Gamboa, Charlene JRN Administrative
Garcia, Victor JRN Graduate Student
Garcia-Pichel, Ferran JRN Investigator
Gherardi, Laureano JRN Postdoctoral Associate
Grace, Libby JRN Education Manager
Haan-Amato, Stephanie JRN Education Manager
Hall, Seth JRN Other Staff
Hanan, Niall JRN Co-Principal Investigator
Heller, Alexandra JRN Graduate Student
Herrick, Jeffrey JRN Investigator
Hu, Jennifer JRN Graduate Student
James, Darren JRN Information Manager
Ji, Wenjie JRN Postdoctoral Associate
Jordan, Samuel JRN Graduate Student
Kassim, Ari JRN Graduate Student
Kelly, Jeffrey JRN Other Professional
Ladrón de Guevara, Mónica JRN Postdoctoral Associate
Lara, Alejandro JRN Graduate Student
Lehnhoff, Erik JRN Other Professional
Lind, Brianna JRN Graduate Student
Mauritz, Marguerite JRN Postdoctoral Associate
McKenna, Owen JRN Other Professional
Meredith, Christy JRN Other Professional
Monger, Curtis JRN Investigator
Nadoum, Shereen JRN Graduate Student

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