Name Email Site Role
Sosik, Heidi NES Lead Principal Investigator
Beaulieu, Stace NES Co-Principal Investigator
Brickley, Annette NES Education Manager
Neubert, Michael NES Co-Principal Investigator
Lentz, Steven NES Co-Principal Investigator
Ji, Rubao NES Co-Principal Investigator
Llopiz, Joel NES Co-Principal Investigator
Rynearson, Tatiana NES Co-Principal Investigator
Menden-Deuer, Susanne NES Co-Principal Investigator
Stanley, Rachel NES Co-Principal Investigator
Chen, Changsheng NES Co-Principal Investigator
Fratantoni, Paula NES Investigator
Richardson, David E. NES Investigator
Archibald, Kevin NES Graduate Student
Peacock, Emily NES Other Professional
Crockford, E. Taylor NES Other Professional
Thieler, Kama NES Education Manager
Stone, Ann NES Administrative
Fontaine, Diana NES Graduate Student
Fowler, Bethany NES Graduate Student
Hernandez, Christina NES Graduate Student
Hirzel, Andrew NES Graduate Student
Li, Siqi NES Graduate Student
Medley, Grace NES Graduate Student
Shapiro, Sara NES Graduate Student
Sterling, Alexa NES Graduate Student
Strock, Jacob NES Graduate Student
Suca, Justin NES Graduate Student
Wang, Lu NES Graduate Student
Connors, Elizabeth NES Other Professional
Futrelle, Joe NES Other Professional
Gelfman, Celia NES Other Professional
Glancy, Sarah NES Other Professional
McKenzie, Mary NES Other Professional
McMonagle, Helena NES Other Professional
Montalbano, Amanda NES Other Professional
Sandwith, Zoe NES Other Professional
Shalapyonok, Alexi NES Other Professional
Symmonds, Nick NES Other Professional
Feng, Zhixuan NES Postdoctoral Associate
Franze, Gayantonia NES Postdoctoral Associate
Marchese, Christian NES Postdoctoral Associate
Marrec, Pierre NES Postdoctoral Associate
McNair, Heather NES Postdoctoral Associate
Morison, Francoise NES Postdoctoral Associate
Alt, Helene NES Undergraduate Student
Duran, Irene NES Undergraduate Student
Heine, Thomas NES Undergraduate Student
Kopp, Emily NES Undergraduate Student
Lambert, Elizabeth NES Undergraduate Student

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