The LTER Network includes over 2000 investigators. Please use the search boxes below to access contact information by name (partial names are OK), LTER site affiliation, user role, or committee.

Name Email Site Role
Aguilar-Islas, Ana NGA Co-Principal Investigator
Bochenek, Rob NGA Information Manager
Coyle, Ken NGA Investigator
Danielson, Seth NGA Co-Principal Investigator
Dobbins, Elizabeth NGA Other Professional
Fiechter, Jerome NGA Co-Principal Investigator
Fredrickson, Kerri NGA Other Professional
Hauri, Claudine NGA Investigator
Hedstrom, Kate NGA Investigator
Hill, David NGA Investigator
Hopcroft, Cheryl NGA Other Professional
Hopcroft, Russell NGA Lead Principal Investigator
Kaufman, Mette NGA Other Professional
Kimmel, David NGA Investigator
Kuletz, Kathy NGA Investigator
Lenz, Petra NGA Investigator
Mendoza-Islas, Heidi NGA Graduate Student
Sigman, Marilyn NGA Education Manager
Smoot, Caitlin NGA Other Professional
Strom, Suzanne NGA Co-Principal Investigator
Turner, Chris NGA Information Manager