2-3 50 min periods
Central Arizona Phoenix LTER
2 45 minute class periods
LeTellier Lise - Harvard Forest Schoolyard LTER
Students explore how the timing of color change and leaf drop of deciduous trees in New England is changing. Students learn to collect data on important long-term ecological issues and processes. Student data is shared on the Harvard Forest LTER website. Students can access their data to graph and analyze, as well as access other school’s data.
1 45-60 min class period
Pat Harcourt and Liz Duff - Mass Audubon
4, 50- minute class periods at least
Bonney D Johnson JC Hupton G; Central Arizona Phoenix LTER
1, 50 minute class period
Central Arizona Phoenix LTER
3.5 hours or 5, 45-minutes class periods
Palmer Station, Antarctica (PAL) Beth E. Simmons
One, 50-min class period
HJ Andrews Experimental Forest LTER
1 class period
Ecology Explorers Education team; CAP LTER
2 hours
Liz Duff; Mass Audubon