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#1. Zoom to LTER site.

  • Select site from dropdown list to zoom in to.

#2. Information Windows.

  • Click on site placemark to open balloon window.
  • Select tab to view information.
  • Photos tab — click on image to open slideshow.

#3. Map Navigation.

  • Use arrows to pan map. Alternatively, click and hold to use hand to move map.
  • Recenter map — click middle icon recenter.
  • Zoom in — click zoom inand drag box around area of interest, or press and hold the Shift key while dragging box.
  • Zoom out — click zoom outto return to previous zoom extent.
  • Also, use mouse scroll wheel to move in and out of extents.

#4. Map Layers.

  • Use checkboxes to turn layers on and off.

#5. Refresh.

  • Click this icon to restore map to its original state.


  • Click button to download map layer in .kml/.kmz or .shp file format.