Matthew Jones is the Director of Informatics Research and Development at NCEAS. His research interests focus on environmental informatics, including the management, integration, analysis, and modeling of heterogeneous environmental data.  His projects have produced effective new techniques for information management and analysis, including metadata standards, data management software, and data analysis software such as scientific workflow systems.

Matt co-founded the KNB Data Repository, a long-term data archive of environmental data sets that uses the Metacat data repository software. He also led the creation and ratification of the Ecological Metadata Language and contributed to the Biological Data Profile metadata standard.  He also co-founded Kepler, an open-source scientific workflow system that helps users share and reuse data, workflows, and components developed by the scientific community to address common needs. Other projects include SemTools, a project tackling critical issues in the management and use of heterogeneous scientific data; and SONet, an effort to achieve environmental data interoperability through semantic modeling of scientific observations.

Matt’s most recent efforts are focused on: DataONE, a global federation of data repositories aimed to promote access to data about life on earth and the environment; ISEES, the development of a strategic plan for a nationally supported Institute for Sustainable Earth and Environmental Software; and GeoLink, a project which will help meet the challenges of geoscience research in an age of Big Data. Matt organized and led the 2014 Open Science for Synthesis skills training intensive three-week program for early career scientists and the highly successful Open Science Codefest bringing researchers from ecology, biodiversity science, and other earth and environmental sciences with computer scientists, software engineers, and developers to collaborate on coding projects of mutual interest.

Matt has a B.A. degree in ecology from Dartmouth College, and a M.S. in Zoology from the University of Florida.