LTER Network Data

Conceptual view of the LTER Data Access Server network architecture.
Conceptual view of the LTER Data Access Server network architecture.
Rigorously managed data are one of the most valuable legacies of the LTER Network. The LTER Network seeks to inform the broader scientific community by providing open access to well designed and well documented data sets via a Network-wide information system. By providing the means to share data sets and develop collaborations as part of our data sharing processes, the goals of the LTER Network Information System are to improve:

  1. The availability and quality of data from the LTER sites
  2. The timeliness and quantity of LTER derived data products
  3. The knowledge gained from the synthesis of LTER data

Each of the LTER sites maintains a local archive of data. The point-of-entry for the cummulative LTER Network data holdings is the LTER Network Data Catalog. Each site contributes metadata to the LTER Network Data Catalog which is accessed via the LTER Network Data Portal. Currently, the LTER Data Portal contains over 6000 metadata entries for ecological datasets contributed by 27 past and present LTER sites. Please review the LTER Data Policy before downloading any data product.

For additional sources for LTER data, try one of these value-added data sources:

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