5 ways you can organize your files better

Use consistent file naming and versioning - if you’ve solved your single-point-of-failure data backup problem, you now have three or more  copies of your data and have created a new data management problem.  You’ll need directory and file naming conventions. This is a set of personal rules you define for naming data files and the folders you keep them in and for saving multiple versions of files.  In general:

  • Keep names short if possible to avoid running into application specific limits.
  • Use names that that are at least somewhat descriptive of the contents of the file.
  • Include a date using a consistent format ( for example YYYY-MM-DD - ISO 8601) that you can later search for.
  • Don't include the folder name in the file name.
  • If you are going going to be responsible for your own versioning, include a version number at the end of the file name such as v01. Change this version number at consistent milestones (for e.g., each time the file is saved).  For the final version, substitute the word FINAL for the version number.

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