Interdisciplinary Research Post-doc Scientist

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We invite applications for a Post Doctoral Scientist for interdisciplinary research related to spatial analysis, and visualization of social values as they relate to landscape change.

The successful candidate will work with a team of social, physical, and spatial scientists examining landscape and hydrological change, the societal consequences of these changes, and the adaptation of communities to change. This is part of a recently funded NSF EPSCoR funded cooperative agreement, Alaska Adapting to Changing Environments.

Requirements include a PhD degree (already received, or having completed all requirements and waiting graduation) in a field which included the interdisciplinary spatial analysis of the environment (e.g., involving aspects of anthropology, geography, or sociology and so forth).

The successful candidate should have excellent familiarity and experience with GIS and spatial analysis, and in quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

Experience working with local and traditional knowledge and/or indigenous communities would be helpful but is not required.

Candidates should have the ability to work independently while functioning as part of a research team.

Demonstration of a publication record will be considered a plus.

Successful individuals will have the opportunities to engage with diverse scientists through the Resilience and Adaptive Management Group at the University of Alaska and through faculty in the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho.

There will be active support and mentoring as well as opportunities for travel.

The desired start date is January 14, 2013. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jim Gosz at

Expiration Date: 
Mon, 2013-01-14

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