Blind Sheep

Puntas Areans, at the tip of South America, made headlines this past year with reports of blinded sheep.

Cataracts, UV-B, the Ozone Hole, and CFCs were the cast of characters in this story.

The story was repeated in the media and among gossips at universities.

A physics major and science editor at a major TV station in San Francisco (KGO-TV) must have said 'Hey, I am not going along with this pack of sheep.' He sent a reporter down to check out the blind sheep story.

This non-Bo Peep reporter confirmed lost sheep that couldn't find their way due to blindness.

It is not clear whom but someone said, "Let's check out the origin of the blindness."

So eyeballs from a slaughterhouse were returned to California and tested at the vet school at UC-DAVIS.

No cataracts. It was an epidemic of pink eye: conjunctivitis of the ovine type.

The cataract-UVB-ozone-hole CFC, conclusion jumpers have not been heard from yet.


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