Global Warming and Brains

A Bit Touched

Concern about carbon dioxide and global warming reached a fever pitch in the 1940s. The warming wasn’t just around the corner back then. Everyone could see it in the temperature record. It was here-and-now and here-to-stay!

Global temperatures soon plummeted.

Nonetheless and undaunted, there were still die-hard warming advocates around even though University faculty types were thinking global cooling and the next ice age climates. In April of 1950 Popular Mechanics sent a reporter to the University of Cincinnati to chat-up one Dr. Clarence A Mills about the warming.

According to Dr. Mills, the period of rising temperatures “may result in smaller adults in the U. S.” and reversing the trend of recent decades. Imagine a NBA of Spud Webs.

Not leaving well enough alone, he said that there also would be a retardation of mental keenness. A friend of mine interested in forecasting all manner of things was quick to coin a forecast: “Warmer and shorter, with a 90% chance of stupidity.”

I feel compelled to tell you Mills wrote the book “Climate Makes the Man” and merits deaccession by libraries wherever it is found.

Thanks to Joe Lehnen of the Virginia Department of Forestry for putting us on to this story.


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