Coffee, Tea or a Soft drink

In the spring of 2001, the City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works had an idea to generate a bit of extra energy for the city.

The focus was on unconsumed food trafficked through LAX. Discover (October, 2001) showed a photo of two not-so-corpulent pre-teens wolfing down their airline chow on institutional food trays with food dividers filled to the brim with food.

Public Works would collect the scraps, have it roasted and composted on its way to methane production and to electricity generation. The food harvest projection was 8,000 tons per year. If all airlines would pool their trash they could compete with BFI.

As we all know, airline food trays have gone the way of the food itself. On my last flight I was offered a handful of peanuts or a cookie. Discover’s headline was: "At Last, A Good Use for Airplane Food."

Being green is not piece of cake much less a cookie.


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