Heads Up LNO

Bring on the Spud Web Diet

The London Sunday Times is always a source of insight and on occasion British guffaws.

This blog should elevate our concern about the coming hothouse Earth of elevated carbon dioxide. The Times of July 24th reports,

"The heat has been blamed for an international outbreak of irrationality, attributed by doctors to an increase in blood volume that starves brains of their normal levels of oxygen.”

We will have to remember not to have any LTER Coordinating Committee meetings at the height of summer. It looks like we put the Network Office in the right place. I wonder what these fellows think about those of us who live in more torrid climates.

At a related level of clear thinking is the mid-October report from Chuck Shepard in his column News of the Weird, then not a blog, now a blog. A California-based environmental specialist has warned of the dangers to our planet from tall people. The claim is tall people require more of Earth’s resources than their fair share and so put us all at risk. This would take some nifty eugenics or something worse. Not really, this deep thinker seems to think that diet restrictions during childhood would do the job. Gee, I wonder just how tall the proposer of this idea is?

This looks like a job for the Mayor of New York.


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