Crimes Against Chastity

Climate Impacts on Illegitimacy

For crimes against chastity see A. Leffingwell (1892). Illegitimacy and the influence of the seasons upon conduct. New York: Scribners.

The Victorians were indeed wordsmiths. Leffingwell found that chastity was most at risk in the third quarter of the year (subsequently tested using modern PC statistical packages and confirmed at the < .0001 level).

This would appear to be a case of too much data.

The crime is being illegitimate or bastardy. It is an odd crime where these off-springing or birthing crimes are by definition 9 months old. These are “cold cases” in TV parlance. The defendants in these cases are bastards.

The scales of justice were really out of kilter. It is unfair to blame climate in all this. A better causal link with illegitimacy is men.


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