First Impressions

Thermal Constraints

Jeopardy Answer: What is -- some do like it hot but most get liked more when it is cool.

Jeopardy Question: Is it better to court and woo when it is warm or when it is cool?

Griffitt and Veitch (1971) Journal of Personality and Soc. Psych. 15:240-244. Griffitt and Veitch introduced people to strangers under various temperature conditions and then using a "44-item attitude scale" assessed first impressions.

The hotter it got the "notter" the first impression got! (p < .07). N=?

The 44-item attitude scale must not be for the faint of heart. Learning the ropes and faithfully applying the same protocol beginning to end requires a dedication to the work at hand.

Not Love, But LIKE at First Sight.


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