Brazilian Ecosystems fall study abroad program includes a new summer option

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Since 1989, the Antioch Education Abroad /Brazilian Ecosystems: The Protection and Management of Biodiversity program has engaged students through in-depth field studies across a variety of biomes in Brazil. This is a Fall Semester program, with a new Summer Term option (see schedule here:

All students explore the flora, fauna, and ecological characteristics of the Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Coastal Forest, and coastal marine systems and how environmental factors contribute to species and habitat diversity.

Students enrolled in the full semester program continue their studies in Brazil to include advanced studies of the impact of human activities on biodiversity and ecosystem function, a Portuguese language intensive, and an Independent Field Internship.

Unique program features:
1. Program is led by Antioch University professor Suzanne Kolb, PhD who is assisted by Brazilian professors, research scientists, and activists, who provide local expertise on current environmental issues facing each region.

2. Fall semester students engage in a month-long field internship working with a Brazilian scientist or NGO for individualized hands-on experience in their field of interest.

3. Students explore multiple ecosystems, allowing them to compare the ecological characteristics of each, and providing a broader understanding of ecology in Brazil.

Curriculum: The Fall Semester program offers 4 courses for 16 semester credits - Introduction to Brazilian Ecosystems; Ecology and Protective Management of Biodiversity in Brazil; Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced Portuguese; Field Internship. Summer Term students enroll in Introduction to Brazilian Ecosystems for 4 semester credits. Click here to view detailed course descriptions

If you would like to review syllabi for the process of approving this program, please contact us.

Flyers: By now, we hope you have received a new flyer in the mail for our Brazilian Ecosystems program. If you did not, or you would like additional copies, please click here to request one (or more) that you can hang on a bulletin board or office door.

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