Tornado Buster

Tearing things up

Local newspapers are always a source of weather and climate fun and amusement. From Enid, OK we have a report of a proposed Tornado Buster. I will use capital letters to indicate that this is a one of a kind thing, a proper noun. The Tornado Buster is the “creation” of one Gary C. Smith from somewhere in Arizona and also Las Vegas. His reason for inventing the Tornado Buster is that "I just don't like tornadoes tearing things up."

The Tornado Buster is a 150-pound bomb that will be flown into a twister with a remote-control helicopter. He has the helicopter already. He claims that detonation of the bomb inside a tornado will snuff it out.

Robert Maddox of the national Severe Storms Laboratory is taking a "total hands off" approach to Mr. Smith's idea. Who said a good federal worker was hard to find? Smith worries that tornadoes send "ozone-eating" CFC into the upper atmosphere and that puts us all at risk. So he plans to include a cleansing agent "similar to Clorox 2" in his bomb. Sounds like he will use a peroxide bombshell to do the job. The bomb will also have "incendiary" properties and will cause the tornado to catch fire and burn itself out in a few seconds. Local government officials note that they would "take a long hard look at it before we make any decisions."


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