Climate Engineering

CIA the bagman cometh

This blog posting calls attention to The Environment section of the September 9, 2013 The Washington Post titled “Scientists study feasibility of engineering gas clouds to cool the planet”. CED readers will recall an earlier story on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its role in the then-debate between those who see a colder Earth and those who see a warmer world. The CIA paid the conference bill for both the coolers and the warmers. It was all very sympatico. At the end of the day the coolers had the upper hand.

That was then and it was not long before the warmers carried the day. The issue now is, can we engineer our planet to mitigate carbon dioxide warming? Such engineering would be on the costly side.

The bag man cometh again. Rather, we should say, the bagmen cometh again and again. The players this time are the National Academy of Sciences with money needed $ for NASA, NOAA, and for a return visit of CIA Bag man. The CED review of the conference is based on Lenny Bernstein’s well orchestrated reporting for The Washington Post (A4: September 9, 2013 by Lenny Bernstein). The sub-title for Bernstein’s piece was “Scientists study feasibility of engineering gas clouds to cool the planet.”

CED readers will remember the June 06, 2013 CED blog detailing the observed record of increased cloudiness (~15%). It was based on work of Ann Henderson-Sellers. (See In a sense, the gas cloud engineering experiment has already been done by nature itself.)

It should be noted that many people have suggested augmenting cloudiness to deal with the carbon dioxide (now a pollutant!). Will clouds and water in the air become the next EPA pollutant in need of planetary mitigation?


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