NEON Undergraduate Internship Oppertunity

Opportunity Type: 

NEON's Undergraduate Internship Program is offering career-building
experiences for students interested in a variety of fields including
engineering (e.g., helping design & test sensors), computing (e.g.,
building tablet app to collect data), ecology (e.g., testing sampling
protocols), and airborne operations platform support.
NEON Internship Program Benefits:

* Real-world experience: Work on challenging projects in your chosen
* Mentorship: Work one-on-one with NEON staff members
* Networking: Join a supportive community of interns from around the
country working in local scientific organizations
* Full-time summer salary: Earn a competitive student salary for
10-12 weeks
* Travel and lodging: Travel to Boulder, CO and summer housing
* Making a difference: Contribute to building NEON from the ground
Please visit the NEON Undergraduate Internship webpages for detailed
instructions on how to apply. Specific requirements are listed with
internship description.
Program Description:
How to Apply:
Application Deadline is Jan 15, 2014!

Expiration Date: 
Wed, 2014-01-15

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