CO2 CIRCA 1900

Warming or not so much

Tyndall (1861). Phil. Mag. 23:277-
Tyndall determined the absorptivity greenhouse gases as well as not-and not so green friendly gases.

Arrhenius (1896). Phil. Mag, 41:237-
Arrhenius (photo) put together the first global climate model for seasons, and by latitude and longitude and for marine and terrestrial surfaces.

Chamberlin (1899). J. Geol. 7: 7:545-
Chamberlin took on the responsibility of warning the citizenry and fingering the “deniers.”

Cooling or not so much either

Schaefer (1905) Ann., Phys. 16:93 –In his laboratory studies ofCO2 warming due to CO2 , Schaefer concluded that there was more than enough CO2 in the atmosphere to saturate the infra-red absorption needed.

Angstrom (1908) Arkiv for Matematik., Astron. Och., Fysik 4:30 – and E v.Bahr (1909) Ann.Phys. 29:780 – Concluded that the CO2 in the air was already saturated at its current concentrations.

Abbot and Powle noted the absorptivity of water vapor and carbon dioxide largely overlapped in its absorbing wave lengths and was a redundant greenhouse gas. Fowle (1908) Ann. Astroph. Obs.,Smithsonian Inst., 2:172 –


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