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We seek undergraduate students to participate in interdisciplinary oceanographic research as part of the NSF-funded California Current Ecosystem (CCE) Long Term Ecological Research LTER site. The CCE LTER site is an interdisciplinary group of scientists, students and educators working to understand and communicate the effects of long term climate variability on the California Current pelagic ecosystem, a major coastal upwelling biome (see http://cce.lternet.edu/ for more information). Well-qualified and highly motivated undergraduates with interests in biology, chemistry, physics and/or computer science are encouraged to apply. Starting in summer 2020, selected undergraduates will work with scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (La Jolla, CA) in research related to CCE LTER projects. Opportunities for undergraduates may exist in a number of areas related to conducting mesocosm experiments, nearshore measurements, data analysis and computer modeling.  Salary: $14.50/hr for full-time position (40 hrs per week); 10-12 weeks from mid -June, 2020. No additional funds available for travel or lodging.