Hubbard Brook LTER - Research Topics

Calcium Watershed Addition; Animal Population and Community Studies; Ice Storm Effects on Forest and Aquatic Ecosystems; Hubbard Brook Sandbox Studies; Snow Depth, Soil Frost and Nutrient Loss; Stream Ecosystem Research; Watershed 5 - Whole Tree Harvest; Transport and Fate of Trifluoroacetate; Regional Sugar Maple Study; Spatial patterns of tree species abundance; A Spatial Model of Soil Parent Material; Accumulation and Depletion of Base Cations in Forest Floors; Forest Floor Organic Matter following Logging in Northern Hardwoods; Is there missing S at the HBEF?; Increasing Atmospheric CO2 and Forest Water Use; The bedrock geology of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Results of new 1:10,000 mapping; Characterizing fractured rock hydrology in the Mirror Lake Watershed


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