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IM-Exec Elections 2021

Election for IM-Exec Committee members September 2021-2022

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The LTER IM Executive Committee (IM Exec) consists of 5 members serving (staggered, ideally) 3 year rotations. This year, 4 members should be rotating off: Renee Brown (MCM), Stevan Earl (CAP), Suzanne Remillard (AND), and Tim Whiteaker (BLE). Renee has already transitioned to the role of Executive Board Representative, so will remain part of the IMExec in an ex officio capacity. Tim has agreed to stay on for an additional 1-year term to re-establish a staggered rotation. That leaves 3 open positions.

IMExec has received nominations from 3 individuals, whose candidate statements are below. Please vote your choice of candidates by Friday, September 10. Results will be announced at the IM Meeting on September 13.

Candidate statements:

Chris Turner (NGA)

I am running for IM Exec because this small community of practice of ours is a great resource and I want to do my part to keep it going. Before I was a site IM (before my site existed) I read LTER data and information management resources as a student and later used them in my work at Axiom Data Science. If elected, serving a term on IM Exec would be a good opportunity for me to contribute to this thing that's been so useful to me. That said, I do not have a plan for what I'll do if elected to IM Exec, other than happily spend some time keeping our community organized and learning from each other.

Adam Sapp (GCE)

I am excited to accept the nomination for a position on the LTER IM Executive Committee. I have been involved in Information Management with the Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER for 9 years, beginning in 2012 as Assistant IM before stepping into the lead IM role in 2019.

Prior to joining LTER, I served as a research associate/data manager in several positions where LTER information management was viewed as the gold standard, so I was aware of the long history of achievement from the LTER IM community. Since joining, I have been blown away by how open and welcoming the group has been.

It would be an honor to be a member of the IM Exec. I don’t have specific goals to achieve on the IM Executive Committee other than to help us anticipate and resolve the upcoming challenges that are sure to arise.

Mary Martin (HBR)

I am pleased to accept a nomination to run for an open position on the IMEXEC committee. I have been with the Hubbard Brook LTER (HBR) for 9 years now, and prior to that, I was in a NASA-funded forest ecology research role for 20 years that overlapped with the HBR community.

Over the past decade the LTER IM community has seen many changes, challenges and exciting developments. For my own IM work, I have focused on leveraging resources from our broader community to streamline dataset workflows and manage our non-data assets. It has been very encouraging to see that HBR investigators have made a 180 degree shift from earlier data-sharing hesitancy - this is a good thing, and also a huge motivator to develop the most efficient investigator-to-repository workflow.

The day-to-day tasks at HBR have been heavily influenced and aided by LTER IMs throughout the network, and the fact that we communicate well and share willingly, is due to many years of capable leadership from the IM-Exec. I recall several years ago when we saw the future of the IMC as uncertain, due to restructuring of the network office and data repository. Unified advocacy for the IMC has kept us together, and as productive as ever, with working groups on non-tabular data, ClimDB, metabase, monthly VWCs, and a refreshed and active DataBits effort.

If elected, I look forward to working within the mission of IM-Exec to support our working groups, hold regular highly-informative VWCs and annual meetings, and to maintain our high profile in the broader LTER network.

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