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Sound, Sex & Physics

Bio-Acoustics 101

The physics of sound propagation, attenuation, reflection and scattering is made complex by the development of a complete system of equations that use the following variables:

  • The speed of sound
  • Its angular velocity
  • Its wave number
  • The horizontal wind speed in the direction of sound propagation
  • The specific heat at constant pressure and at constant volume
  • The universal gas constant
  • Atmospheric temperature in degrees Kelvin
  • Sound pressure amplitude
  • The del operator for this or that
  • A unit impulse function
  • The x, y and z of a Cartesian coordinate system

That's complex and worthy of quiz questions! To circumvent this impediment to understanding and to avoid the difficulty of using, I will "couch" this discussion in the lurid details of animalistic vocal courting.

To learn science quickly or to sell cars, the use of sex seems to work better than equations. You might ask your spouse if this is a truism or a CED quirk. CED, now with a modicum of tradition in the use and abuse of humor in communication, is sure that sexual innuendo helps in the understanding of physics.



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