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Name Email Site Role
Adam, Tom MCR Investigator
Alldredge, Alice MCR Investigator
Allgeier, Jake MCR Interested Party
Bernardi, Giacomo MCR Investigator
Briggs, Cherie MCR Investigator
Brooks, Andrew MCR Investigator
Carpenter, Robert MCR Co-Principal Investigator
Clements, Cody MCR Postdoctoral Associate
Cook, Dana MCR Graduate Student
Correa, Adrienne MCR Interested Party
Davis, Samantha MCR Education Manager
Doo, Steve MCR Postdoctoral Associate
Edmunds, Peter MCR Co-Principal Investigator
Eliason, Erika MCR Interested Party
Ezzat, Leila MCR Postdoctoral Associate
Fong, Caitlin MCR Postdoctoral Associate
Fuchs, Corinne MCR Graduate Student
Gastil-Buhl, M MCR Information Manager
Gates, Ruth MCR Investigator
Ginther, Sam MCR Other Professional
Grupstra, Carsten MCR Graduate Student
Hay, Mark MCR Investigator
Hench, Jim MCR Investigator
Holstein, Dan MCR Interested Party
Honeycutt, Randi MCR Other Professional
Howe-Kerr, Lauren MCR Graduate Student
Isaak, Ashtyn MCR Graduate Student
Johnston, Erika MCR Graduate Student
Klinges, Grace MCR Graduate Student
Ladd, Mark MCR Graduate Student
Landfield, Kaitlyn MCR Graduate Student
Lauer, Matt MCR Interested Party
Leichter, James MCR Investigator
Maher, Becca MCR Graduate Student
Maritorena, Stephane MCR Investigator
Messysaz, Adriana MCR Graduate Student
Muller, Erik MCR Other Professional
Munsterman, Katrina MCR Graduate Student
Neumann, Kyle MCR Graduate Student
Nickols, Kerry MCR Interested Party
Perng, Lansing MCR Graduate Student
Pisapia, Chiara MCR Postdoctoral Associate
Potter, Ashley MCR Graduate Student
Pruitt, Jonathan MCR Interested Party
Putnam, Hollie MCR Investigator
Rassweiler, Andrew MCR Interested Party
Remple, Krissy MCR Graduate Student
Rice, Mallory MCR Graduate Student
Rivest, Emily MCR Interested Party
Rosman, Johanna MCR Interested Party

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