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Name Email Site Role
Adam, Tom MCR
Alldredge, Alice MCR
Bartlett, Jinae MCR
Baskett, Marissa MCR
Beldade, Ricardo MCR
Bergsma, Gerick MCR
Bernardi, Giacomo MCR
Boch, Charlie MCR
Briggs, Cherie MCR
Brooks, Andrew MCR Primary Contact
Brooks, Andrew MCR
Brown, Anya MCR
Brown, Anya MCR
Brown, Darren MCR
Brown, Darren MCR
Cameron, Caitlin MCR
Carpenter, Robert MCR
Colvard, Nick MCR
Connell, Joseph MCR
Davis, Samantha MCR
Davis, Sammy MCR Education Contact
Davis, Sammy MCR
Dufault, Aaron MCR
Edmunds, Peter MCR Climate Rep
Evensen, Nicolas MCR
Fabry, Victoria MCR
Forsman, Zac MCR
Fram, Jon MCR
Gastil-Buhl, M MCR Information Manager
Gates, Ruth MCR
Goldenheim, William MCR
Gowan, Jenny MCR
Grabner, Sabine MCR
Green, Daniel MCR
Green, Daniel MCR
Guerra, Alex MCR
Han, Xueying MCR
Hanson, Kate MCR
Hench, James MCR
Hench, Jim MCR
Hillard, Heather MCR
Hofmann, Gretchen MCR
Holbrook, Sally MCR
Holbrook Schmitt, Melissa MCR
Iglesias-Rodriguez, Debora MCR
Iglesias-Rodriguez, Debora MCR
Jacobson, Lianne MCR
Jani, Andrea MCR
Johnson, Maggie MCR
Ladd, Mark MCR

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