Cross site investigation using LTER Data.

Invertebrate Impacts on Ecosystem Services under Climate Change: A Synthesis Using Insights from the LTER Network

We request funds to conduct a meeting at Harvard Forest in April, 2010. The meeting will provide the opportunity for further discussion, synthesis of ideas and LTER data, and the preparation of two manuscripts that follow from our 2009 ASM working group “Invertebrate impacts to ecosystem services under climate change”. The proposed meeting will be… Read more »

CANCELED-A Role for the LTER Network in the Carbon–Offset Market

Due to the unique nature of the LTER network, robust, transparent, long–term data sets from agriculture forestry and other vital terrestrial ecosystems are available, that quantify C sequestration and GHG mitigation, resulting from management practice alteration and adaptation to climate, and land–use change. There is great potential for LTER data to be utilized for environmental,… Read more »

LTERMaps Internet Mapping Workshop

To provide a consistent interactive mapping interface for LTER site information through an Internet web mapping application and allow users to visualize, search, download, and explore site information along with spatial and tabular data at both the network and site levels.

Engaging Arts/Humanities in Future Scenarios Work

We propose to hold a workshop to explore challenges, opportunities, and potential outcomes of engaging the humanities and arts in consideration of future scenarios of landscape change in the face of climate change, land use, and human population growth.

From Molecules to Metadata: MIRADA LTERS Follow-up Working Group Meeting

MIRADA-LTERS is an NSF-funded cross-site comparative microbial inventory project that seeks to document, describe and discover baseline and novel diversity in the bacterial, archaeal and eukaryal domains of life across 13 of the aquatic LTER sites. We request funds to bring 10 data managers/collaborators together to attend a 2 day workshop in Woods Hole sometime… Read more »

Soil Organic Matter Dynamics: A Cross-Ecosystem Approach

I would like to propose a 2-day meeting in 2010 bringing together scientists from any and all LTER sites interested in comparative soil organic matter analysis. One day would be devoted entirely to planning cross-site comparative analyses and potential publications, and the other day would be devoted to discussions of the various tools and techniques… Read more »