With more than 37 years of continuous data collection across many biomes, the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network is a rich source of information for testing big-picture concepts about how ecosystems work. Luckily, the Network also brings together a group of scientists with creative ideas about how to wring new insights from diverse data sources.

The LTER synthesis working group process is designed to capitalize on the experiments, contextual knowledge, data, and creativity of the LTER Network. By funding small groups of scientists from inside and outside the Network to work intensely together on a synthesis project, the process encourages the ecological community to use existing data to probe novel theories, test generality, and search for gaps in our understanding.

Curious about progress of synthesis working groups?

At the 2018 LTER All Scientists’ Meeting, site principal investigators were treated to a series of short, videotaped presentations from current synthesis groups. Those presentations are now available on the LTER Network YouTube Channel.

In Spring 2018, each synthesis group gave an hour-long webinar detailing their questions, approaches and progress to-date. Please visit the Spring 2018 Webinar Series web page for links to each webinar.

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