Phoenix, AZ
Credit: CAP-LTER. CC BY-SA 4.0

The 2021 Science Council Meeting will be held online only. The theme will be human-environment interactions, with breakout groups and site talks in the following categories:

  1. Historical influences/legacies
  2. Managed ecosystems (forest, range, fisheries)/ restoration
  3. Human dominated (urban/cropped) ecosystems
  4. Vulnerability to extreme events
  5. Environmental justice
  6. Wildcard

Revised schedule

  • Wednesday, November 3: LTER Executive Board meets
  • Monday, November 8: Site lightning talks will be open to all and widely promoted
  • Tuesday, November 9: Breakout groups
  • Wednesday, November 10: Science Council Business Meeting and Lead PI Meeting

Detailed (but still evolving) schedule (google doc).