boardwalk and residential cottages in the evening light

Asilomar Conference Grounds offers many places to gather, renew, and network.
Credit: Sarah Cady via Flickr. CC BY-NC-SA-2.0

The 2022 LTER All Scientists’ Meeting (originally scheduled for Fall of 2021) is now scheduled for September 19-23, 2022 at Asilomar Conference Grounds, in Pacific Grove, CA.

  • September 19: pre-ASM committee meetings
  • September 20, 21, and 22 ASM Meeting
  • September 23: Departures

Accepted workshops will be announced in late May and meeting registration will open in mid-June.

Hosted every 3 years, the event is a rare opportunity for researchers from all 28 LTER sites to explore wide ranging research questions. The focus is on research conducted in and with the LTER Network, but the meeting is open to all interested participants.

Rather than the more typical 15 minute talks, the All-Scientists’ Meeting is structured around 90-minute workshop blocks, which can take many different forms. Often, a block will kick off with a few short talks followed by in-depth discussion. Other times, the entire block is focused on a training-type activity or a scoping or planning discussion for future activities or proposals.

LTER ASM Workshops can be great ways to float ideas for collaborative projects, receive feedback, and find collaborators. They can also be effective in bringing group problem-solving approaches to common challenges. There are many ways to contribute to the meeting program this year. Only with your ideas, energy and enthusiasm can we create a meeting that meets your needs.

Workshop tracks | Submissions closed

Workshop tracks consist of groups of 2-3 workshops, offered over the three days of the meeting and scheduled to avoid internal conflicts. Proposers should consider how each session can build on outcomes from prior workshops in the series. For example — a series focused on a new cross-site experimental design might move from background to brainstorming to shaping a specific proposal; or a series focused on community engagement might move from identifying barriers to principles of inclusive communication to strategic planning. 

We will seek out a wide variety of topic areas including research, methods, engagement, inclusion, and information management.

Track proposals should include titles, descriptions, workshop structure, and committed organizers/facilitators for each of the related 90-minute workshops. The identified workshop organizers in selected tracks will be invited to submit full workshop information for the March 30 workshop deadline. Tracks that are not selected are welcome to submit proposals for standalone workshops to the March 30 deadline.

Track selection criteria will include: 

  • currency and relevance of the topic to the LTER Network, 
  • evidence of strong planning, 
  • attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion in track planning

Track submission is closed. Approved tracks are:

  • Characterizing long-term pulse dynamics among ecosystems | John Kominoski, Jenn Rudgers, Kris Hall
  • Advancing synthesis science through harmonized data products | Eric Sokol, Corinna Gries, Sydne Record
  • Ecosystem response to climate change at LTER sites | Julia Jones, Charley Driscoll, Brooke Petaluna
  • Integrating Arts & Humanities: Research and Best Practices | Mary Beth Leigh, Lissy Goralnik, Willis Jenkins
  • Justice and Co-production of Knowledge: A Cross-site Agenda | Abigail York, Forrest Fleischman, Michelle Hale

Workshops | Proposal deadline: deadline extended: April 15, 2022

Workshops (90 minutes) may be submitted as standalone workshops or as part of an approved track (deadline for track submission is February 15). Standalone workshops are most appropriate for topics that are more modest in scope or at an earlier stage of development. Need inspiration? Check out the 2018 schedule. Need to find collaborators? Search the LTER Directory by interest.

Workshop selection criteria will include: 

  • currency and relevance of the topic to the LTER Network, 
  • evidence of strong planning
  • opportunities to build leadership capacity

Social events | Proposal deadline: (updated) May 30, 2022

The Tuesday evening poster session and the Thursday evening barbecue will be all-hands events – but on Wednesday evening, we’re inviting ideas for a smorgasbord of social events. Want to organize a jam session? A trivia contest? An art display? A storytelling session? A reprise of the raucous Idea Café from 2018? Or something else entirely? Send us a brief proposal and we’ll select 5 or more events that we will help bring to fruition.

Field trips

Field trips: The Monterey Peninsula has great natural beauty – with extraordinary beaches, hiking, wildlife, and SCUBA diving. It is also home to a wide variety of cultural institutions, including the renowned Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Steinbeck Center.

The LTER Network Office is unable to assist with field trip coordination, but we recommend those who are interested in self-organizing excursions use the LTER Hub and the meeting platform to find others with similar interests. We also request that you focus on days and hours outside of planned meeting events.

Posters | Proposal deadline: July 1, 2022

Posters. Posters offer a great way for individual researchers and students to receive thoughtful feedback on their research in a relaxed environment and connect with others doing similar work. To enhance meaningful interactions at the poster session, we will be limiting each site to a maximum of four in-person posters. Please consult within your site to select poster presenters. Sites and individuals may submit additional posters (beyond the 4-per-site limit) for online-only presentation. In-person posters should be brought to the venue and the presenter must be available on-site. Online posters and 3-minute prerecorded description must be uploaded no later than September 9, 2022.

Exhibit Space | Target deadline: July 15, 2022

Related networks and programs may request exhibition space in the foyer of the plenary hall. Please contact Marty Downs,, for further details.