All LTER Network mailing lists use the domain. To send mail to a network mailing list, follow the format:

LTER GovernanceDescriptionList Address
Lead Principal InvestigatorsThe Lead Principal Investigator for each LTER site.lpi
Executive BoardThe Executive Board manages the day-to-day business of the LTER Network.exec
Site ManagementThe site-identified management teams of individual LTER sites. Includes PIs, co-PIs, and administrative
InvestigatorsLead PIs, co-PIs, associated faculty, and postdocsinvestigators
Information Management RepresentativesOne representative per LTER siteim-rep
Education/Outreach RepresentativesOne representative per LTER siteedu-rep
Graduate Student RepresentativesOne representative per LTER sitegrad-rep
StudentsAll grad and undergrad students associated with any LTER sitestudents
All-LTERAll members of the LTER Community – reserved for critical information updates and significant job opportunities. All posts are moderated.all-lter

Working committees and interest-based lists

The full working committees often include LTER and non-LTER members, in addition to the designated site representatives addressed above.

Committee or Interest GroupDescriptionList Address
Education/Outreach CommitteeIncludes E-O representatives and additional LTER and non-LTER
Information Management CommitteeIncludes IM representatives and additional LTER and non-LTER
Information Management Executive TeamThe executive team on the IM Committee oversees agenda andimexec
Diversity CommitteeVoluntary membershipdiversity
Communications CommitteeVoluntary membershipcommcom
USILTER CommitteeCoordinates with the International LTER Networkusiltercom
Publications CommitteeReviews new volumes for inclusion in LTER Science and Synthesis seriespub
ClimateGeneral interest mailing list on climateclimate
40-Year Self-StudyOrganizing committee for 2020 self-study and review process40y-self-study
LTER-REU-coordinatorsCommunity of practice for individuals responsible for coordinating REU programs (both sites and supplements).LTER-REU-coordinators
OpportunitiesFor posting job and funding opportunities at all levelsopportunities
Communications Interest GroupFor sharing ideas and resources about LTER communicationscomminterest

Network Communications Office Lists

List NameDescriptionList Address
NCOReaches NCO administrative staffnco
NCO-travelReaches NCO travel coordinatornco-travel
NCO-commReaches NCO communications staff and internsnco-comm
NCO-educationReaches NCO education staff and internsnco-education
NCO-synthesisReaches NCO synthesis leadsnco-synthesis
Technical SupportReaches NCO IT stafftech-support
WebmasterReaches the webmasterwebmaster