Welcome to the LTER Video Homepage. Below are links to videos produced by the LTER Network, including guides to the network and coverage of network events, as well as links to videos about LTER sites uploaded by researchers and independent media outlets.

  • See the About The Network section for an essential overview of LTER activities.
  • The LTER Events section hosts recordings from a variety of LTER events, including the All Scientists Meeting and the LTER Career Panels.
  • Sites hosts high-quality videos outlining specific LTER research sites.
  • The Education and Engagement section highlights educational outreach by the LTER Network.
  • Uploads showing life in the field at LTER sites are found in the LTER Life section.
  • Third-party videos that highlight LTER research and researchers lie in the Research in Action section.

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About The Network

LTER Network Overview. A brief overview of the structure and organization of the LTER Network. (27:04)

Long Term Ecological Research

Overview of LTER activities in 2006. (14:30)

LTER Events

LTER at 40

2020 LTER Synthesis Panel

Site Lightning Talks from the 2021 Science Council Meeting

LTER Career Panel

LTER All Scientists Meeting

View recorded webinars from the 2021-2022 LTER Synthesis Webinar Series.

Without This Place

A glimpse of the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest (1:54)

Dr Alan Covich on freshwater ecosystems in the LEF

Highlighting the unique ecosystems and inhabitants at the Luquillo LTER (3:30)

The Niwot Ridge LTER Program

A short overview of the Niwot Ridge LTER Program (1:22)

Education and Engagement

Nat Cleavitt reads “Seeking the Wolf Tree”

Watch a reading of a children’s book from the LTER Schoolyard Books series (1:49)

Undergraduate Research: What We Wish We’d Known

Hear from former REU students about what they wish they knew when starting work at an LTER (5:39)

University of Wisconsin: Schoolyard LTER 2013

Watch a group of third graders visit the North Temperate Lakes LTER, for a day of “Limnology on Ice” (2:47)


The Everglades Through My Eyes

A collection of clips shot at the Florida Everglades LTER, by Junbin Zhao (9:08)

High Winds at the Niwot Ridge Saddle

See the extreme weather researchers face at the Niwot Ridge LTER (0:46)

The Resilient Forest Series, Part 3: The Birds of Hubbard Brook (11:22)

Why is this Antarctic Glacier “Bleeding?” | Antarctic Extremes (10:00)

A Scientist’s Life in 99 Seconds: Chemical Oceanographer Lihini Aluwihare (1:55)

Curiosity starts in your own backyard | Katharine Suding at TEDxCU (14:04)