The LNO Numbered Series is a collection of documents published by the LNO at irregular intervals to make them more accessible to the scientific community.

Long-Term Ecological Research1984
The Climates of the Long-Term Ecological Research Sites1987
Standardized Meteorological Measurements for Long-Term Ecological Research Sites1987
1990s Global Change Action Plan1990
The Long-Term Ecological Research Core Datasets Catalog1990
Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response1990
Internet Connectivity in the Long-Term Ecological Research Network1990
Contributions of the Long-term Ecological Research Network1990
Long-Term Ecological Research and the Invisible Present, and Long-Term Ecological Research and the Invisible Place1990
Proceedings of the 1990 LTER Data Management Workshop, Snowbird, UT1990
Long-Term Ecological Research in the United States: A Network of Research Sites (6th edition, revised).1991
Technology Development in the Long-Term Ecological Research Network: Status of Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Internet Connectivity, Archival Storage & Global Positioning Systems1991
Proceedings of the 1991 Data Management Workshop, San Antonio, TX1991
Guidelines and Sample Protocol for Sampling Forest Gaps1992
Stream Research in the LTER Network1993
Long-Term Ecological Research and Regional Prediction Ecological Modelling 67(1), Elsevier Science Publishers, The Netherlands1993
International Networking in Long-Term Ecological Research1994
El Niño & Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Sites1994
Meeting the Challenge of Long-term, Broad-scale Ecological Experiments by LIDET1995
Guidelines for Measurements of Woody Detritus in Forest Ecosystems1996
The International Long Term Ecological Research Network. 1998. A summary of current activities in 15 countries1998
Data and Information Management in the Ecological Sciences: A Resource Guide1998
Integrative Science for Society and Environment1998
The International Long Term Ecological Research Network2000
The Decadal Plan For LTER2007