The @USLTER Twitter account is where we actively share updates around LTER science, data-sharing, job or funding opportunities, and science communications. We track a list of LTER sites that tweet, as well as a variety of key science bloggers, journalists and twitter-savvy scientists.

Connect with the LTER Network LinkedIn page to show your affiliation with the network and learn about some of the bigger stories and announcements from across the network.

Our @lter_community Instagram account is run largely by our graduate student committee members and features photos and stories from LTER sites around the network, with regular ‘take-overs’ by members of the LTER community who provide a behind-the-scenes look at life in the lab and field.

The US LTER YouTube account is a place to find inspiration, and view educational videos, videos of scientific talks, video abstracts, and animations from across the LTER Network.

We also have a USLTER Facebook account, and while we don’t post frequently on our page (fewer people use Facebook professionally these days), you can still find information about the Network there as well as join our groups focused on education or grad student opportunities.

Social media accounts of LTER Sites

Twitter Facebook Instagram Other
NCO @uslter @USLTER @lter_community YouTube
AND @HJA_live @AndrewsForest @andrewsforest YouTube
BES @beslter @beslter @bes.lter Vimeo 
BLE @ArcticLagoons @ArcticLagoons
BNZ @BNZ_LTER @BonanzaCreekLTER YouTube
CAP @caplter
CCE @cce_lter YouTube
CDR @CedarCreekESR @CedarCreekESR
CWT @cwtlter
FCE @fcelter @FCELTER @fcelter YouTube
HBR @HubbardBrookNH @HubbardBrookNH @Hubbardbrooknh YouTube
HFR @HarvardForest @theharvardforest @harvard.forest YouTube
JRN @TheJornada @TheJornada @TheJornada YouTube
LUQ @LUQLTER @luquillo.lter @luquillo.lter YouTube
KBS @kbslter @KBS.LTER @kelloggbiostn YouTube
KNZ @konzalter @knzlter YouTube
MCM @MCM_LTER @mcmlter
MCR @mooreacoralreef YouTube
NES @WoodsHoleOcean @WHOI @woodshole_ocean YouTube
NGA @nga.lter YouTube
NTL @WiscLimnology @WiscLimnology @WiscLimnology YouTube
NWT @LterNiwot @NWTLTER @nwtlter YouTube
PAL @PalmerLTER YouTube / flickr
SBC @LterSbc @sbc_lter YouTube
SEV @SEVLTER @sevfs @sevlter
VCR @vcrlter @virginia.coast.reserve YouTube