Spare a thought for the roots

Nutrient addition increases aboveground plant growth more than it increases belowground plant growth, suggesting that the two are not linked. 

Data Analysts at the LTER boost working group productivity

The LTER Network Office hired two data analysts, Angel Chen and Nick Lyon, in 2021 to tackle short but critical wrangling tasks during working groups’ in-person meetings. Here’s how they’ve helped groups during the past year.

LTER at AGU Fall Meeting, 2022

The American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting meets in Chicago this year, and begins on December 12, 2022 and runs until Friday, December 16, 2022.

DataBits Through the Years

This 30 year retrospective highlights how data management at the LTER has grown, pulling funny and interesting anecdotes for us to enjoy.

Do fish graze the way for coral recovery?

Fish clear space for corals to grow in small scale experiments. But does fish grazing cause reefs to recover faster? A new study says no.

We are all interconnected

When the sun bakes me in the heat, when I find a tick crawling on my skin, when water has soaked the socks through my boots, when the tree branches whip my face, when equipment breaks, when I am staying up late labeling plastic bags, when I am waking up pre-dawn to take measurements, when I am feeling completely overwhelmed  – I remind myself of my favorite things.