Group photo at Asilomar 2018 All Scientists Meeting)

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We are over 2000 researchers at 28 sites who apply long-term observation, experiments, and modeling to understand how ecological systems function over decades. Read All…


LTER research integrates many disciplines to understand ecological processes as they play out at individual sites, while synthetic studies reveal broader principles that operate at a global scale. Read All…


Long-term relationships with schools, community groups, resource managers, and landowners provide a foundation for innovative education and outreach programs. Undergraduate and graduate students benefit from working with a diverse and close-knit community of researchers. Read All…


Scientists have found that iron in the deep sea affects the growth of plankton. The #NSFfunded discovery has revealed a large new #ocean area where iron influences life at the base of the sea's food web. https://t.co/MKoYnJZ5I7

Job opening: Coastal Science Program Manager with @Nature_VA
Great opportunity to partner with @vcrlter
+ the location is stunning
#scijobs #coastalscience #STEMcareers #TNC #Restoration #coastalresilience

Sooooo happy for @skwinnicki who submitted big 1st ms today on territory aggregation of #grassland #sparrows from #Konza including results of 2 #REU projects & a whole lot of data from @wayfaringwilly's time in the lab.


Hybrid datasets: integrating observations with experiments in the era of macroecology and big data - Benedetti‐Cecchi - 2018 - Ecology - Wiley Online Library https://t.co/Cnn5ynxo0T

#phenology workshop using open access @NSF_BIO NEON @PhenoCam #data & you can go through the workshop materials online at your own pace for #free https://t.co/r5prYRrQ7y

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    January 14, 2019  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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    February 4, 2019  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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