Importance and Unanticipated Use of Biological Collections in Long-Term Ecological Research

Biological collections are a valuable resource to long-term sites, but logistically challenging to maintain. The authors present an argument for supporting biological collections across sites.

DataBits: Experimenting with LoRaWAN for Sensor Data

LoRa is a digital radio technology designed for Internet of Things (IOT) applications. Here’s a tech test by John Porter.

DataBits Through the Years

This 30 year retrospective highlights how data management at the LTER has grown, pulling funny and interesting anecdotes for us to enjoy.

DataBits: AWS Lightsail with RStudio Server

Large GIS operations often stretch personal computers, but don’t require supercomputers. Here’s a way to run them via a remote server.

Using the LTERHub Directory API to Perform Site Tasks

screenshot of LTERHubhomepage

John Porter walks through how to take full advantage of the LTERHub API, which taps into powerful directory functionality.

Arduino vs Raspberry Pi: A Maker’s Guide to Environmental Sensors

Ever want to make your own ecological sensor? This guide by Mark Gahler will help you get started in the right direction.

Reasons to Archive and Share Data

John Porter and An Nguyen, with the LTER Information Managers, outline 8 reasons to archive and share data supported by the literature.

DataBits: Winter/Spring Edition of Site Bytes

The NES team, masked and socially distanced, on a research cruise in 2020

Below you’ll find the latest roundup of IM news from sites that have updates related to new staff, funding, project development. Luquillo LTER – Miguel Leon Greetings from the Luquillo (LUQ) LTER. I’m Miguel Leon, the newish Information Manager, starting in late 2019. I came to the LTER network after about 10 years working as… Read more »

Implementing a Virtual Site All-Scientists’ Meeting

VCR Virtual ASM

  By John Porter, Virginia Coastal Reserve LTER The big decision and assessing virtual meeting needs Each January, the Virginia Coast Reserve LTER holds an “All Scientists’ Meeting” to exchange information about research progress and to plan for upcoming activities over the coming year. Typically, this is an in-person meeting held at the Anheuser-Busch Coastal… Read more »

Databits: ezEML — A Do-It-Yourself Form-Based Editor for Creating Metadata Documents in EML, the Ecological Metadata Language

By Jon Ide and Mark Servilla, Environmental Data Initiative ezEML is a form-based online tool to streamline the creation of metadata in the Ecological Metadata Language (EML). It was created by the Environmental Data Initiative (EDI) and employs EDI’s Metapype library, which is a general-purpose framework for creating and validating metadata, along with Metapype’s implementation… Read more »