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2022 LTER Network Response to the Fourth Decadal Review Committee Report
The attached response to the report of the Fourth Decadal Review Committee was prepared by a working group of the LTER Executive Board with major input from the entire Executive Board. A draft version of the response was circulated to each of the representative committees (Information Management; Education and Outreach; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice)... Read more »
October 25, 2022
2022 Decadal Review Report
The fourth decadal review report on the LTER Network was commissioned by the advisory committee to the Biological Sciences directorate at the National Science Foundation (the BIO AC), which appointed a working group to respond to the charge described in the report. The report was delivered to and approved by the BIO-AC at their meeting... Read more »
June 15, 2022
2019 LTER Network Self Study
The attached self-study document was prepared by the self-study committee of the LTER Network in advance of the 4th decadal review of the program and submitted to NSF on October 5, 2019. Self Study Document Charge to the Committee Cognizant NSF Program Officers are Dan Thornhill, Francisco (Paco) Moore, and Gayle Pugh.
October 10, 2019