The LTER Network includes over 2000 investigators. Please use the search boxes below to access contact information by name (partial names are OK), LTER site affiliation, user role, or committee.

Name Email Site Role
Beutler, Curtis NWT Other Professional
Blanken, Peter NWT Investigator
Bowman, William NWT Co-Principal Investigator
Brandes, Henry NWT Other Professional
Brandes, Henry NWT Other Professional
Bueno De Mesquita, Cliff NWT Graduate Student
Caine, T. Nelson NWT Retired
Chai, Rachel NWT Graduate Student
Chardon, Nathalie NWT Graduate Student
Elmendorf, Sarah NWT Information Manager
Elwood, Kelsey NWT Graduate Student
Emery, Nancy NWT Investigator
Farrer, Emily NWT na
Gendron, Eli NWT Graduate Student
Hallett, Lauren NWT Investigator
Harvey, Brian NWT na
Hinckley, Eve-Lyn NWT Investigator
Humphries, Hope NWT Retired
Jennings, Keith NWT Graduate Student
Johnson, Pieter NWT Investigator
Knowles, John NWT Postdoctoral Associate
Kueppers, Lara NWT na
Lestak, Leanne leanne.lestak@Colorado.EDU NWT na
Liptzin, Daniel NWT na
Livneh, Ben NWT Investigator
Loria, Kelly NWT Other Professional
Meier, Courtney NWT na
Molotch, Noah NWT Co-Principal Investigator
Morse, Jennifer NWT Other Professional
Neff, Jason NWT Co-Principal Investigator
Potter, Teal NWT na
Ray, Chris NWT Investigator
Schmidt, Steven NWT Investigator
Schneider, Dominik NWT Graduate Student
Seastedt, Timothy NWT Investigator
Smith, Jane NWT Other Professional
Sommer, Shelly NWT INSTAAR Information Center Manager
Spasojevic, Marko NWT Investigator
Suding, Katharine NWT Lead Principal Investigator
Vimercati, Lara NWT Graduate Student
Webb, Ryan NWT Graduate Student
Wentz, Katherine NWT na
Wessman, Carol NWT Investigator
Wieder, Will NWT Investigator