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Name Email Site Role
Ackerman, Todd todda@Colorado.EDU NWT
Andrews, Martha NWT
Andrus, Robert NWT
Ascarrunz, Nataly NWT
Ashton, Isabel NWT
Asner, Gregory NWT
Atkins, Peter NWT
Bailey, Adriana NWT
Barnes, Rebecca NWT
Baron, Jill NWT
Beers, Aidan NWT
Bell, Tisza Tisza.Bell@Colorado.EDU NWT
Beutler, Curtis NWT
Blanken, Peter NWT Climate Rep
Bocquet, Florence Florence.Bocquet@Colorado.EDU NWT
Bourgeron, Patrick NWT Social Science Rep
Bowman, William NWT
Bowman, William NWT
Boyce, Richard NWT
Brahney, Janice Janice.Brahney@Colorado.EDU NWT
Brandes, Henry NWT
Brodin, Molly Molly.Brodin@Colorado.EDU NWT
Brooks, Paul NWT
Bueno De Mesquita, Cliff NWT Site Grad Rep
Buttenfield, Barbara NWT
Caine, T. Nelson NWT
Chai, Rachel NWT
Chardon, Nathalie NWT
Chowanski, Kurt NWT
Churchill, Amber NWT
Costello, Elizabeth NWT
Cowie, Rory NWT
Crisp, Steven NWT
Currier, Courtney NWT
Dailey, Kelsey NWT
Darcy, Jack NWT
Darling, Joshua NWT
Darrouzet-nardi, Anthony Anthony.Darrouzet-nardi@Colorado.EDU NWT
Dechaine, Eric NWT
Diggle, Pamela NWT
Doak, Daniel NWT
Dykstra, Gam NWT
Elmendorf, Sarah NWT
Elwood, Kelsey NWT
Emery, Nancy NWT
Erb, Liesl NWT
Erb, Peter NWT
Erickson, Tyler tyler.erickson@Colorado.EDU NWT
Farrer, Emily NWT
Flanagan, Colleen NWT

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